Btooom! is an action anime with psychological twists. Ryouta, the main character is one of the world’s top players of the game Btooom! One day he wakes up and he’s been transported to an island which he doesn’t remember how or why he got there. What Ryouta doesn’t realize is that he was transported into… Continue reading Btooom!

Servant × Service (Sābanto × Sābisu)

Servant x Service is an office based, workplace comedy anime. It’s a light hearted comedy centered around a workplace with an oddball cast. Don’t expect them to go on an epic quest, discover the holy grail or anything like that. It’s just straight comedy and romance with one little subplot. The characters are an odd… Continue reading Servant × Service (Sābanto × Sābisu)

Astra Etherium – The Graphic Novel!?!?!

As some of you reading this know, I planned to have a light novel or graphic novel of my game Astra Etherium: Adventures of a Space Bounty Hunter in Space available in the future. Well there is an opportunity with Oni Press where they are looking for submissions so this may be my chance to… Continue reading Astra Etherium – The Graphic Novel!?!?!

My Gaming Projects

In the next few days I will start populating my company blog for my gaming stuff. Just wanted that to be posted here so you can take a look if you want. Most people know me from the gaming stuff anyway so here you go.

Anime Ratings

As I go along I’m giving some shows higher scores than I would normally and that’s because I’m using the breakdown system where I grade 5 categories. When those categories are added up, they bring the score higher in some cases when they get averaged out. So I’m going to drop those and only leave… Continue reading Anime Ratings