Custom Maid!

Custom Maid is about a high school otaku who is “in the closet” about her obsession. The twist is she is from a rich family so she couldn’t show her love of anime/manga and all the culture even if she wanted to. Yuu even keeps her distance from her maids until she ends up being… Continue reading Custom Maid!


Furumapura is another manga by Cool Kyoushinsha. (Yes I like his work dammit) It’s a simple 4 koma about high school girls who meet by chance. Kyou is a loud, overbearing kind of girl who seems to have an Irish accent or probably British since they love the Brits but it seems more Irish to… Continue reading Furumapura

Houkago Play

This is one that came up as similar to Ojojojo so I checked it out too. Ojojojo is a lot more of a heartwarming type comedy/gag manga where Houkago Play is…well some type of comedy but I personally got very few laughs out of it. I try to keep my feeling about something towards the… Continue reading Houkago Play

LovePig (Rabuta)

The Cool Kyoushinsha reading continues. Rabuta is about a girl who for some reason is in love with the school’s biggest delinquent. They’re polar opposites on top of that. His nickname or what the others in class call him is “white pig” because he’s tall, bald and fat but the girl is tiny. She keeps… Continue reading LovePig (Rabuta)

Mononoke Sharing

Mononoke Sharing is another from the Cool Kyoushinsha. Yes I read through a lot of his stuff the past few days. The main character Yata is very much like Kobayashi from Dragon Maid but since he made it, that kind of happens sometimes. It’s about a high school girl who has to find a place… Continue reading Mononoke Sharing

Metsuko ni Yoroshiku

Still running down the library of Cool. Metsuko ni Yoroshiku is one that couldn’t get into. The protagonist is a fighter with a hair trigger and those characters usually have no depth. This one isn’t too much different. She’s the neighborhood delinquent and seems to be the toughest one there. Of course she gets to… Continue reading Metsuko ni Yoroshiku

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